What is Social Delta

Have you ever wanted to engage with people about an event, or TV show, or some other trending topic only to find the flood of information overwhelming and confusing? Us too! That’s why we built Social Delta!

Social Delta gives you a single place to engage with people about the events that you care about.

You can host your own events and run the show!

As an Event Manager, you can setup your own events and curate content from your social networks (Twitter to start) and people can engage with what you share. You control what’s displayed on the timeline and can add your own commentary as you see fit. White-list your friends to give them direct access to the timeline, or moderate each post before it goes live, plus much more. It’s easy - get started!

Or you can join-in on the events that other people are running.

Just search for ongoing events and engage with other people on their event timelines to join-in on the conversations.

Get started now. You can search for Active Events or Create an Account.